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Head, Heart, Hands


Moccasin Making

This winter, we have an opportunity for YOU to join us virtually for a “hands-on” moccasin making workshop! Why not introduce this regular rhythm of connecting with others, using your hands and receiving encouragement into your routine? Not only will you finish with a pair of handcrafted leather moccasins that are both functional AND stylish but hopefully an encouraged and uplifted heart.

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Lure of the North

What: Moccasin Making Workshop

Who: Everyone! No prior skills or materials required.

When: January 26, February 2, 9, 16 @ 7-9pm EST

Where: On Zoom, in the comfort of your own home

Cost: $80 (+ shipping if required)

What’s Included:

  • Moccasin Making Kit (Leather, Liner, Needles, Clips, Lacing, Synthetic Sinew & Pattern)

  • Step-by-step instructions and demonstrations

  • An encouraging weekly devotional


Registration closed

How does it work?


Step 1: Register for the workshop by January 12th! Whether you join with a friend or family member or will be flying solo, you’re sure to have a great time! Click here to register now!

Step 2: After you register, we will prepare a kit for you that has all of the necessary supplies! You can either pick up your kit from our local office in Cambridge OR we can mail it to you. (Note: If you need it mailed to you, there will be an additional shipping cost.)

Step 3: Workshop time! We will teach you how to assemble your moccasins over the course of four virtual meetings. These meetings will be from 7-9 pm EST on Wednesday nights, starting January 26 and ending on February 16. Each session will include a time to connect, an encouraging weekly devotional, and a demonstration of how to complete the next step in the moccasin-making process. We will send out a brief summary after our weekly instruction and you will have time before our next meeting to complete the moccasin-making step for that week.

Step 4: Enjoy your amazing new moccasins!


Who can participate?


Anyone and everyone can participate in this workshop! No prior experience is necessary. The only requirements are the following:

  • You have internet access and a device that is compatible with Zoom

  • You have a decently sharp pair of scissors, something to measure with (measuring tape, fabric measuring tape or string and a ruler) and a high-quality hole punch (or hammer, nail and scrap of wood)

  • You have passable hand-eye coordination

  • You have a teachable spirit 


Please note: There is no minimum age for this workshop, though we would suggest that if you want to do this with one of your kids, you should be confident in their ability to safely handle a sewing needle and sharp scissors :)

Additional Info:

  • Need us to ship the moccasin kit to you? Indicate you need shipping when you sign up. We will take care of mailing the package and will invoice you for the shipping expense. We are happy to ship across Canada and to the States, so don’t let distance hold you back!

  • We are offering these kits to everyone at cost

  • The moccasin template and process we are using comes from Lure of the North. They make amazing products and lead epic winter wilderness trips! We are grateful to them for allowing us to use their process and and for their help getting us some great deer hide! 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Michelle at

registration closed


Past Workshops:

2021 - Mitten-Making

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