AGES 8-10/11-13

BEDROCK is a week of intentional fun-filled adventure! Upon arriving at Camp Norland, participants will spend the week forming new friendships, trying new activities, learning about God and being introduced to the concept of leadership. Everyone will have the opportunity to swim, sing at campfires, learn cool wilderness skills, spend a night in a tent, canoe, do crafts, and play group games. During chapel, participants will hear life stories and will learn about the “Bedrock” that they can build their life upon. BEDROCK is the perfect opportunity to build a solid foundation for faith and character. If you are looking to make friendships, experience growth, get closer to God and have the highlight of your summer, then BEDROCK is for you!


BEDROCK I (Ages 8-10)

Dates: July 19-24, 2020

Location: Camp Norland in Verner, ON

Cost: $365

*Arrive between 2:30-3:00 PM on Sunday, July 19

*Get picked up between 4:00-4:30 PM on Friday, July 24

BEDROCK II (Ages 11-13)

Dates: July 26 - August 1, 2020 

Location: Camp Norland in Verner, ON

Cost: $385

*Arrive between 2:30-3:00 PM on Sunday, July 26

*Get picked up between 10:00-10:30 AM on Saturday, August 1

AGES 13-14

BEDROCK III is for older participants who are ready for even more adventure! You will spend more time exploring the wilderness and enjoying summer in Ontario. This is a great place to get a taste for tripping while still enjoying the fun of summer camp. Upon arrival at Camp Norland, you will meet your cabin and enjoy two nights at camp before heading out on a three-night canoe trip on some local lakes. During your trip you will paddle canoes, sleep in tents, see the stars, learn to cook over a fire, and try a portage. Towards the end of the week, participants will head back to Camp Norland for a final celebration and night at camp. In BEDROCK III, you will get to experience the beauty of God’s creation, with inspiring leaders and people who will become close friends. You will learn about God and will grow in confidence. This trip will be fun, memorable, and will help you grow.

Dates: July 26 - August 1, 2020 

Location: Camp Norland in Verner, ON

Cost: $395

*Arrive between 2:30-3:00 PM on Sunday, July 26

*Get picked up between 10:00-10:30 AM on Saturday, August 1

AGES 12-13 / Entering grades 7 or 8

A “cairn” is a pile of rocks purposefully left behind for us to see which way the trail goes. Knowing how to recognize a dependable path and having the courage to take it is one of the biggest challenges for young people. These themes will be explored during CAIRN - our five-day canoe trip for junior high students who want to get a taste of what wilderness living and backcountry exploration is all about. CAIRN begins with fun adventure activities that will get you ready for heading out into the wilderness. On your trip, you will paddle remote lakes, portage over rugged trails, cook your own food and sleep under the stars! There will be time to learn about God, read passages in the Bible, and to journal your thoughts. You will learn how to work with a group of peers, problem solve, and overcome challenges. Come prepared to learn, grow, and have the adventure of your summer!


Dates: July 5-11, 2020 

Location: Temagami Area, ON

Cost: $480

AGEs 14-15 / entering grade 9 OR 10

GRIDIRON is an old explorer’s word that means “a narrow passage leading to a larger path on a journey.” This six-day wilderness canoe trip is for students entering Grade 9 or 10, a crucial ‘narrow passage’ that sets the tone for the rest of high school and beyond. GRIDIRON will help you navigate high school with confidence, a firm faith foundation, a clearer sense of identity, and a vision for your years ahead.  Be prepared to learn useful backcountry skills, form deep friendships, be challenged, and have a character-forming adventure!


Dates: August 1-8, 2020

Location: Temagami Area, ON

Cost: $560

AGE 15 / entering grade 10

SPARK Is a three-week experience for students who want to head out on a trip AND get a taste of what serving on the Coldwater team is all about. After arriving at camp, you will meet your group, receive some leadership training, and jump right into preparations for serving during our two weeks of BEDROCK Camps. During BEDROCK, you will get to contribute in various areas, from activities, to property, to helping in the kitchen. Throughout each week you will have regular times of connecting with others on your team and will be invested in by older staff and volunteers. Once BEDROCK is wrapped up, you will venture out on GRIDIRON for the final week of your experience.  


If you hope to one day participate in our six-week IGNITE program, this three-week experience is a great first step. You will get to stay at camp longer than a trip, have more opportunities to lead, and will continue to grow. Join us for SPARK this summer!


Dates: July 18-August 8th, 2020

Location: Camp Norland in Verner, ON

Cost: $775

AGES 16-18 /entering grades 11 or 12 or a recent grad 

COMPASS is a seven-day wilderness canoeing experience for high school students with a focus on leadership development and spiritual formation. This trip takes place on the lakes around Temagami, ON and is for those who want to challenge themselves and deepen their faith. On COMPASS, you will have opportunities to step outside your comfort zone and discover your unique gifts. You will develop new friendships, hone your wilderness skills, and have real opportunities to lead. You will get to journal, read the Bible, sit by a campfire, share stories, and connect with God in silence and solitude. COMPASS will help you figure out where you are at, decide where you want to go, and equip you with skills to get there. Set your bearing on COMPASS this summer!

Dates: August 21-29, 2020

Location: Temagami Area, ON

Cost: $650  

Wilderness Leader in Training
Ages 17+

Wilderness Leader In Training (WLIT) is for mature young leaders looking to gain experience leading and discipling others in the wilderness. During WLIT, you will receive valuable training which will be put to use as you get to provide leadership on our youth wilderness trips beside trained wilderness instructors. These instructors will mentor you as you invest in trip participants. In WLIT, you will learn about discipleship, experiential learning, planning wilderness trips, facilitating small groups, teaching skills, managing risk, and debriefing experiences. You will be challenged to develop your teaching and facilitation skills, receive constructive feedback, and find your voice as a leader. Positions in this intensive program are limited as we are looking for three mature, teachable, hungry, socially aware, and humble young leaders. Prior completion of our IGNITE program, or a similar leadership/discipleship program, and demonstrated leadership and maturity is an asset. Come prepared to spend more time in the wilderness than at camp and to make a difference in the lives of our participants!


Dates: June 27 - September 1, 2020

Location: Camp Norland in Verner, ON


Please contact  for more information. 

Ages 16-18

IGNITE is our six-week leadership program that disciples, equips and empowers young people to serve and lead. With 8 spots available, this experience is for those entering grade 11, 12, or just graduating high school. If you are looking to take your faith more seriously, learn about and practice leadership, and grow in a purposeful community, then IGNITE is for you! Our hope is that IGNITE participants will leave with a better understanding of the unique person God has created them to be and more equipped to lead.

IGNITE begins with a week-long wilderness canoe trip. Following the trip, you will head back to camp and integrate into the Coldwater Canada summer team. During the rest of your IGNITE experience you will:

  • Receive training on living as a Jesus-centred leader

  • Spend a week ministering to local kids at a VBS

  • Get to try working in the kitchen and around the camp property

  • Serve various participants as they come back from their wilderness trips

  • Be given a leadership placement in our two weeks of BEDROCK

  • Be mentored by an older staff member

  • Develop skills for leading back home


​IGNITE is an opportunity to invest in your own growth as a leader. You will have fun, be challenged and will have the opportunity to form some great friendships. Come and grow into your best self this summer! Apply for IGNITE today! 

Dates: June 27 - August 8, 2020

Location: Camp Norland in Verner, ON

Cost: $1400


​IGNITE Participants: 

  • Will receive a 50% discount to participate in COMPASS

  • Will be trained in First Aid

  • With current lifeguard certifications (Bronze Cross or NL) are eligible to receive a lifeguard honorarium for guarding during BEDROCK


Please email with questions or for more information