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AGES 8-11/12-15

BEDROCK Adventure Camp is a week of intentional fun-filled adventure focusing on discipleship and character development. BEDROCK will make great use of all that the Camp Norland property has to offer. Upon arrival participants will be split into their cabin groups and over the course of the week will move from being strangers to a close-knit community. Each group will have the opportunity to participate in canoeing, hiking, and community service day trips, along with a day of team development on the Norland property and a night spent sleeping outside in tents. Participants will get to try new activities like our orienteering course, the Coldwater sauna, challenge course activities, and wood-fired bread baking. But don’t worry, BEDROCK will still include Norland classics, like campfires, chapel, group games, gourmet camp food, worship on Vesper’s rock, and yes, swimming.


BEDROCK will allow you the perfect opportunity to build a solid foundation for faith, Christian character, and leadership. If you are looking to make lasting friendships, experience personal growth, or grow closer to God, then BEDROCK Adventure Camp is for you!


**Parents! Be sure to check out our adult canoe trips being offered during both weeks of BEDROCK. Or, if you are not up for canoeing, please visit our volunteer page to learn about how to lower your child’s program cost.


Dates: Ages 8-11: July 16-22, 2017

           Ages 12-15: July 23-29, 2017

Location: Camp Norland in Verner, ON

Cost: $360

AGES 12-13

CAIRN is a five-day introductory wilderness experience for junior high students that want to get a taste of what wilderness living and backcountry exploration is all about.


CAIRN begins with fun-filled adventure challenge activities that will get you ready for five days of canoeing through beautiful Ontario wilderness.  On CAIRN, you will learn how to work with a group of peers, problem solve, overcome challenges, and make a difference in the world around you.  You will paddle remote lakes, portage over rugged trails, cook your own food and sleep under the stars! Come prepared to learn, grow, and have the adventure of a lifetime!


A “cairn” is a pile of rocks purposefully left behind for us to see which way the trail goes.  Knowing how to recognize a dependable path and having the courage to take it is one of the biggest challenges for young believers.  Students will have time to read stories in the Bible and to journal their thoughts. Join us to explore all of this on CAIRN!


Date: July 2-8, 2017

Location: Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park, ON

Trip Fee:$460


*Sponsorships available! Email to receive an application.


CAIRN Course Schedule

July 2: Arrive at Camp Norland - Coldwater’s basecamp by 3:00 PM. Introductions, small group development, and wilderness trip preparations

July 3: Group departs camp and begins their CAIRN wilderness experience

July 7: Group pick-up, service project, clean up, and celebration

July 8: Program closure by 10:00 AM and travel home 

AGE 14 or entering grade 9

Are you heading into Grade 9 this coming September? Then join us on this wilderness adventure designed just for you. GRIDIRON, an old explorer’s word that means “a narrow passage leading to a larger path on a journey”, will help you make a healthy transition into high school with confidence, a firm foundation, and a vision for your years ahead.  On GRIDIRON you will learn useful backcountry skills, form deep friendships, be challenged, and become spiritually prepared for high school.  Venture out on GRIDIRON this July!


Date: July 23-29, 2017

Location: French River, ON

Trip Fee: $460


*Sponsorships available! Email to receive an application.


GRIDIRON Course Schedule

July 23: Arrive at Camp Norland - Coldwater’s basecamp by 3:00 PM. Introductions, small group development, and wilderness trip preparations

July 24: Group departs camp and begins their GRIDIRON wilderness experience

July 28: Group pick-up, service project, clean up, and celebration

July 29: Program closure by 10:00 AM and travel home

AGES 15-18

COMPASS is a wilderness experience for high school students with a focus on leadership development and spiritual formation. This expedition takes place on the lakes around Temagami, ON and is for students who want to challenge themselves and deepen their faith.


On COMPASS you will face experiences that push you outside your comfort zone and draw out your unique gifts.  You will develop new friendships, have real opportunities for leadership, and will hone wilderness skills. You will have time to journal, read the Bible, sit by the campfire, share stories, and swim in the pristine waters. Join us for an experience that will let you explore beautiful Canadian wilderness, be shaped, and discover the direction that God has for you. Set your bearing on COMPASS this summer! 


2017 participants can choose from flatwater canoeing or backpacking program options. Select your choice when you register for COMPASS 2017!


Interested in a COMPASS-Homeschool trip in September 2017? Then please send us a message for more info!


Date: August 17-26, 2017

Location: Temagami Area, ON

Trip Fee: $680


*Sponsorships available! Email to receive an application.


COMPASS Course Schedule

Aug. 17: Arrive at Camp Norland - Coldwater’s basecamp by 3:00 PM. Introductions, small group development, and wilderness trip preparations

Aug 18: Group departs camp and begins COMPASS wilderness experience

Aug 25: Group pick-up, service project, clean up, and celebration

Aug 26: Program closure by 10:00 AM and travel home 

AGES 19-30

The Wilderness Leadership Expedition (WLE) is our cornerstone wilderness course. WLE is designed for people who are serious about their faith and want to explore leadership, community, and service through the challenges and risks of the wilderness classroom. During WLE you will travel through some incredibly beautiful yet challenging northern wilderness. Spiritual disciplines, wilderness solitude, and opportunities to lead are all core to this program. Within a community of peers, you will spend time thinking about God’s work of restoration, your personal direction, and intentional community living. WLE will let you explore how you can use your gifts, education, passions, career, and choices to make a Kingdom impact. Come join us on this life-changing wilderness adventure!


This course is an immersion into wilderness leadership. During this multi-element (canoeing and backpacking) expedition, you will learn valuable interpersonal skills, and become a valued member of a purposeful and intentional community. You will also work through Coldwater’s philosophy of leadership. You can expect to gain experience with the following technical elements of wilderness tripping: backpacking, flatwater and whitewater canoeing, map and compass navigation, shelter building, campcraft, Leave No Trace wilderness ethics, risk management, and backcountry meal preparation. These technical program elements are paired with intentional reflective components, leading to new learning, valuable insights, and significant life growth. 


Date: May 15 - June 1, 2017

Location: Northeastern, ON

Trip Fee: $1300


*Sponsorships available! Email to receive an application.


WLE Course Schedule

May 15: Arrive at Cedar Creek Community Church in Cambridge, ON by 10:00 AM. Trip preparations and small group development

May 16: Travel north and begin WLE

June 1: Program celebration and closure

WOmen's fall canoe trip

Our Women’s Trip is for women only - a trip led by women for women and is open to women of all ages and experience levels.  This trip will be rooted in spiritual growth and community sharing. Under the skilled leadership of qualified female instructors, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, challenge yourself, and experience God in the natural beauty of the wilderness. Whether you are feeling adventurous or burnt out, in need of inspiration or community, or you feel ready to encourage other women, this trip is for you!  Gear is available to borrow, no experience is required...this is your chance! Register now to reserve your spot.


Date: Sept 20 - 24, 2017

Location: Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, ON

Trip Fee: $300


Get a complimentary ride on Coldwater’s 20-passenger bus. Our bus will have pick-up and drop off locations in Cambridge, Vaughan, Barrie and North Bay. Seating is available on a first come basis. Let us know if you need a ride!

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