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I learned that I'm more caring and supportive than I thought and that this could help my friends and family back home. 

(Jasmine, 2019 Participant)

By allowing God to help you and not relying on your own strength, the chance of you prevailing is much higher. So, by trusting God, things become easier.

(Jaiden, 2019 Participant)

My favourite parts of the trip were at the end of a hard portage or at the end of a long day of paddling. There was a huge sense of accomplishment with finishing. I'd often think "wow, I didn't think I'd be able to do that but I did!"

(Mark, 2019 Participant)

I've changed a lot because of the this summer. I learned that even when you're alone, even alone in the wilderness, God is still with you and you have Him with you everywhere you go.

(Florin, 2019 Participant)

Throughout the whole experience, God was teaching me where I should get my confidence from. Not from what people think of me but through standing firm in Him. 

(Jodie, 2019 Participant)

Coldwater has definitely had a huge impact on my relationship with God. I've also made some real friends here and my definition of a true friend has changed.

(Adam, 2019 Participant)


Coldwater helped me to see God more as He is and how to deepen my relationship with Him. Because of Coldwater, I now have confidence in myself and am rooted entirely in Christ. I learned how to expand my comfort zone and how to move outside of it to try new things.

(Andrei, 2018 Participant)

The people involved with Coldwater have played such a huge role in my faith journey. They’ve been there to encourage me and to teach me. My experience with Coldwater has really led me into a deeper relationship with Christ and has ultimately brought me to a place of rededicating my life to Jesus.

(Emma, 2018 Participant)

I've changed the way that I view God's Word, and I've discovered new ways to explore it.

(Skye, 2018 Participant)

One thing that God taught me this summer is that He has a plan for me and He isn't necessarily going to tell me what that plan is when I want Him to. He might give me small details but I have to trust Him to guide me where He wants me. So many things have changed for me since the summer. My routines with God are way better than they ever were, and I am relying on Him for guidance. I appreciate people for who they are.

(Lucas, 2018 Participant)

One of the major lessons God had in store for me this summer was the concept of giving myself grace when I'm not enough. He taught me that my weaknesses and failures aren't something to beat myself up about, but rather, are a way that I can see His power at work in my life.

(Emma, 2018 Participant)

I've learned how to make friends faster and be more confident in myself. 

(Rachel, 2018 Participant)


I've learned how to be a better leader and how to lead a group of people. I learned that you have to be rooted in Christ in order to teach other people about Christ. 

(Zach, 2018 Participant)

I've learned how to rely on God more and more and how to rely on him more fully and with everything. 

(Lydia, 2018 Participant)  

Solitude is something that is super important, and it is something that brings me closer to God. I’m going to spend more time with God because throughout this trip I’ve gotten more of a desire to have a deeper relationship with Him, and I want to continue that.

(Melena, 2018 Participant)

A huge highlight of my experience was the opportunity to develop intentional relationships with different people. In the wilderness, there are less distractions, and it gives you an excellent opportunity to share stories and have intentional conversations. God really reminded me this summer of His goodness. He revealed to me the purpose there is in the small everyday things.

(Jules, 2018 Participant)

Some thing that will change in my life is that I will probably be more open to trying new things. I did not think I would have much fun here, but now I'm upset that I need to leave. I will always see myself as a part of Coldwater Canada and Coldwater Canada will always be a part of me.

(Logan, 2018 Participant)

Something I learned on my Coldwater trip that I want to remember going home, is that challenges will continue to come up in life. They’re usually not expected, but I can face them!

(Justin, 2016 Participant)


  • Shelter building

  • How to carry a canoe

  • How to ferry

  • Pack the essentials

  • How to steer a canoe

  • Lots of different strokes

  • Learned how to tie a slip knot

  • Improved listening skills

  • Learned I can do more when I am exhausted and feel like I have nothing left to give.

  • Canoeing techniques

  • Allowing my emotions to be shared

  • How to navigate in the wilderness 

  • How to use a compass

  • Portaging

  • Survival skills

  • How to pack, properly fit, and carry the backpacks

  • Learned how to double pack

  • Learned how to make a wet fire/ carry a canoe

  • How to swim better

  • How to put up a tent and kitchen tarp

  • To respect people for who they really are

  • How to build relationships

  • Survival skills and how to open myself up more

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