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25/25 Referral
We are planning for growth this summer and believe that you are a key part of it. Please make Coldwater experiences possible for new students by referring them to our programs! So, what’s the 25/25 Referral? Every new participant who registers for a 2018 program (because they were referred by a past Coldwater participant) will receive a $25 credit to use in our Camp Store. To top it off, we are also giving $25 to the past participant who referred the new participant, hence 25/25.


How does this work? The new participant registers online for a program and writes the name of the person who referred them in the appropriate box on the registration form. That’s it. Simple! We will then email you with a confirmation of credit that you can claim up at camp. The $25 credit could be used to purchase snacks, sports drinks, t-shirts, jackets, or whatever else we have in the Camp Store. It is up to you!


Here are a few other conditions…

  • The registered new participant actually has to participate in order for the referrer to receive their $25

  • The referrer must also be registered to participate in a 2018 program, be accepted to  serve in a summer team role, or commit to volunteering for a week

  • The $25 gift cards can only be claimed and used at our summer basecamp, not our Cambridge office

  • The $25 camp store credit cannot be exchanged for cash. Sorry!

What are you waiting for? Happy referring!

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