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Ages 16-18 | Entering GradeS 11-12 OR RECENT HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE

IGNITE is a leadership experience for high school students designed to “ignite” service and leadership in youth. This five-week program consists of two components: a two-week wilderness expedition followed by three weeks of in-camp leadership training, mentoring, and hands-on service. 


During the first two weeks of IGNITE, participants will head out on the Adventure Challenge Expedition (ACE); an adventure that will challenge you to grow mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally and spiritually. This trip will give you the opportunity to hone your wilderness skills and form deep relationships with other IGNITE participants. In addition to wilderness travel, we will explore how Jesus led and what it means to lead as a young person. To read more about this adventure click HERE.


Following ACE, IGNITE participants will spend an extended period of time at Coldwater’s summer basecamp. During this second half of the program, IGNITE participants will get to build off of their learning from the wilderness with intentional leadership training to equip you for serving and leading as a young person. You will also get to participate in hands-on service opportunities and take a leadership role during our BEDROCK program. IGNITE will conclude with a final capstone wilderness experience (which you will help plan) along with a final celebration service.


If you are looking to strengthen your faith, learn about and practice leadership, grow in a purposeful community and have some incredible fun, then IGNITE is for you! Our hope is that IGNITE participants will go home with a better understanding of the unique person God has created them to be and will leave equipped to serve and lead in their churches, schools, families and communities.


IGNITE Participants: 

  • Will be trained in First Aid

  • Will have the opportunity to complete volunteer hours for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma community service requirement

  • Will receive a 20% discount to participate in COMPASS during August


***IGNITE applicants DO NOT need to register for the Adventure Challenge Expedition; the ACE trip fee is built into the IGNITE program cost. Your application to IGNITE will automatically register you for the ACE.

***If you require financial assistance to participate in IGNITE, please email for more information regarding fundraising and scholarship opportunities​.

Dates: July 1-August 6, 2022


Arrival: Between 2:00-2:45 pm

Pick-Up: Between 10:00-10:30 am 

Location: Camp Norland in Verner, ON

Cost: $2160

Applications closed
Ages 18+ 

Our Wilderness Leader Internship (WLI) is an intensive experience in wilderness leadership that will enable you to disciple, equip and empower Christ-like leaders in the wilderness classroom. This internship is designed for mature leaders 18+ who have a desire to make disciples and are excited to place themselves in a context where they will learn, grow and lead. 

In May, you will head out on the Wilderness Leadership Expedition (WLE), our cornerstone wilderness course. Following WLE, you will receive over three weeks of Wilderness Instructor Training, followed by two months of "field experience" as an instructor leading our wilderness programs for youth and adults. Interns will serve as key members of our Summer Team, investing in younger staff and students. You will end the summer as a Coldwater Wilderness Instructor, qualified for future leadership opportunities with Coldwater. 

This internship will allow you to grow and be formed as you prepare to intentionally invest yourself in others. This internship is for you if you are:

  • Interested in leadership development, youth ministry, mentoring and adventure programming

  • Seeking growth in your character, relationships, spiritual intimacy and the way you serve

  • Desiring to be sharpened as a leader, refined as an educator and empowered as a disciple-maker

  • Looking to be challenged and encouraged to grow in your relationship with Christ and interested in discipling others to do the same


As a Wilderness Leader Intern, you will:

  • Participate in our Wilderness Leadership Expedition (WLE)

  • Have significant opportunities to lead

  • Receive wilderness skill instruction

  • Have the opportunity to obtain your Emergency First Aid, CPR-B, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross certifications

  • Develop a Christ-centered philosophy of leadership

  • Be trained in and practice experiential learning, adventure education, small group development, facilitation, debriefing, program design, 1:1 counseling and spiritual formation

  • Participate in an intentional Christian community

  • Gain experience teaching and instructing

  • Receive financial compensation for program leadership in July and August 


There is no fee for participating in this internship and positions are limited. Accepted interns will be asked to fundraise to cover a portion of their in-camp expenses (room and board) and certification fees (Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Emergency First-Aid and CPR-B). This will allow interns to invite other people in their lives to join and enable them in this ministry opportunity. We have a process in place and will support you in doing this!

All accepted interns must be certified as a Wilderness First Responder prior to heading out on WLE in May.

Date: May 17–August 30, 2022

Location: Camp Norland in Verner, ON

If you have any questions or are looking to obtain your Wilderness First Responder certification, email for a list of course opportunities.

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